Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Few Cute, Cheap Things That Are All Well Under 100 Bucks

Okay, as much as Shanna Moakler is pretty busted (and, it goes without saying that Travis Barker is ABSOLUTELY busted), I really liked the Paul & Joe bird printed... er... top (?) she wore to the VMAs this past September:

($70, Paul & Joe Sister,
So, I was quite deeeelited to find this Paul & Joe Sister silk top with a very similar print marked down by over $200! I do wonder a bit if it'd create an unwelcoming "enlargening" effect, but whatevs. It's adorbs.

($40, Tagbanger,
This guys' shirt is NOT meant to create a similar look to Travis' (ew. as if!!). I just happened to have it in my long list of stuff to post. It IS white and DOES feature bright colors, but no one should EVER aspire to dress like Travis Barker, so let's just chalk it up to coincidence. Anyway, this mens' T-shirt is extremely rad. I sorta wanna buy it for myself (my boyfriend refuses to wear white Tees), but $40 on a Tee is a bit much for me, especially if I don't know how it'll fit. Ah the dangerous perils and pitfalls of online shopping!

($20, Sara Clendening,
I TOOOOOOTES forgot to add this fun shoelace-and-wood-bead necklace to last week's post descriptively, revealingly and enticingly entitled "Jewels: Big, Bold, Funky, Chunky." Anyway, I totes bought this fun kindergarten-reminiscent necklace and am POSITIVE it'll RULE with a dark top, dark jeans and dark Oxfords and maybe a blazer. Let the comments of dissent begin!


ms. spinach said...

ha! i totally had shoelaces like that when i was a kid.

stopokaygo said...

Re: Shana...Animal prints are in this winter. Read in Vogue that Stella McCartney put bears(?) on her sweaters.

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