Monday, November 19, 2007

Goodbye Scarves, Hello Neck Warmers!

Why bother with a whole scarf when only your neck needs warming? I'm loving the neck-warmer trend, which runs the gamut from chunky cute to crocheted elegance.

Organic raspberry neck warmer, $50.

Mustard neck-warmer, $50.

Ruby neck warmer, $18.

Gray neck warmer, $14.

Multifunctional neck warmer/scarf, $72. Awesome idea.

Victorian high-neck hand-woven collar, $45.

Burgundy neck warmer, $10.

Ecru and red neck warmer, $22.

Even the big boys are getting in on the game: Banana Republic cashmere neck warmer, $58. Of course, the Etsy kids' versions are way cuter.


WendyB said...


rus-tussin and fightin said...

yeah i was looking at those etsy warmers, they are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Look at the YumYum Cashmere collar on Etsy. It's FABULOUS!! Or find it at

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