Monday, November 19, 2007

More Cute Things That Are British

There used to be two Warehouses -- sorta like the UK version of Express -- in downtown Manhattan, but I guess they want away, I guess because they sorta sucked. But this dress does not:

(Apprx $163,
Fun '60s-style prom dress! Yay! Lovely holiday pick too with some black tights and even an LBC (Little Black Cardi) over it. (Via Secondhandshopper.)

(Apprx $51,
Nothing too groundbreaking here, but I just love how classic this plaid buttondown is with a fun roll-up button-sleeve twist. Yay!

(Apprx $132,
True, they are fairly Willy Wonka (or Dr./Mr. Magoo's Funhouse Wondershowzen or whatever that new Natalie Portman movie's called), but they're so fun. (Via FemaleFirst.)

(Apprx $183,
UK readers, what's the story with Faith? The first I've heard of it was today, when I found these and the fuschia Magoo shoes in a round-up on FemaleFirst. Faith looks like maybe a British Nine West? Yes? No? Feelin' a sister? Anyone? Anyway, I love these and the version in all black.

(Apprx $122,
... But not as much as I love these "smoky" jeweled cone heels.

By the way, I am headed "across the Pond" next month, but I am ruing the crappy dollar as I'll barely be able to afford a crumpet let alone any items TopShop and up. Hell, the prices at Primark will probably be akin to Barneys at this point. Boo! You know the exchange rate is fucked when you find yourself thinking "I could get that for sooo much less back in New York."

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Caroline said...

Loving the Faith "smoky" shoes - gorgeous!

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