Friday, November 09, 2007

Hummina, Hummina

Houndstooth! Yes, it continues to rule the school. J.Crew houndstooth "Gramercy" coat, too expensive for my meager budget at $495, but a girl can dream. And watch the sale e-mails like a hawk.

And another! Dereon houndstooth jacket, $135. How awesome is that? It even has a hood! Not sure how I feel about the "iridescent sparkles woven into the material," however. And I don't think I'd be bearing my bellybutton in it, either.

Maybe? Newport News cuffed ankle boot, $34. Cute, but four inches, and does anyone know what an "almond toe" is? I can't imagine that's comfortable.

My namesake bag, in beautiful, butter-soft PVC! And attached swingy bag for change or iPod or whatever! And gigantic like I like it! Gotta have it...Fred Flare "Mary-Kate" satchel, $44.

I also purchased these supercute bear salt-and-pepper shakers, because I'm sick of the giant sea-salt container and the pepper spice container being on our coffee table while we eat. These rule, and they will be friends with our honey-bottle dish-soap dispenser, also a bear! Whee! And I used the coupon code holiday.1107 to get 25 percent off (expires November 15). Yay!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Patent Shoes && Rants said...

I love the first coat. Such an unusal color! But too expensive for just a coat.... I'm not too crazy about the second midriff baring one. It would look weird with anything underneath and with nothing underneath. Haha. I love your little teddy bear 'friends'.


Laura said...

Enter that coat in on It will tell you exactly when it goes on sale!!!! This website is my new find of the MONTH, I hope you use it!

WendyB said...

LOL @ "almond toe."

Christine said...

awww, FRICKER! I bought those bear shakers for my mom, but at Anthropologie...where they were $12! haha. Watch out though, the first pair was broken when I bought them. I didn't notice til later, so I had to return them. They said there were a couple other people with the same problem.

btw..almond toes are supercute :)

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