Monday, November 12, 2007

Never Enough Coats!

I went outlet shopping this weekend, cancelling plans with a friend I see too rarely to do so, even. It had to be done. For a city-dwelling shopping lover, the prospect of all-day bargain hunting is too much to resist. So when Jami announced her intention to visit Woodbury Commons, I had to go. The first couple of hours were not very fruitful, but eventually I scored a nice Max Studio dress, a few shirts and an armful of boxer shorts for the boyfriend from Banana Republic, a grape cardigan and winter white skirt from Benetton, all of which was nice stuff but maybe not worth the drive up there, until I hit J.Crew whilst separated from my friends. I tried on a rather unnecessary gray tartan skirt and was ready to walk out when I saw, glowing like a beacon, a beautiful yellow wool coat. In my size! Sort of mod-ish yet classic, it hits at mid-thigh and is exactly what I was looking for (without exactly knowing it). I was a little sad thinking I might be going through winter without a bright coat, but this solved all that instantly. And the best part is all wool outerwear was $50 off, so it was only $150. Best! Here are some cheaper coats that won't last nearly as long but are still pretty cute:

Forever 21 "Chester" wool-blend coat, $44.80. And by "wool blend" they mean 10 percent wool, 90 percent acrylic. But cute, no? And also PURPLE!

Forever 21 "Katie" coat, $44.80. See above comment.

Forever 21 plaid toggle coat, $39.80.

Forever 21 "Patricia" jacket, $24.80. Even though it has to be a crappy jacket, it has kind of a cool shape. If they had it in red I'd totally get it for Santacon.

Old Navy cropped wool-blend peacoat, $46.80. Cute little puff sleeves! And 80 percent wool, not too shabby.

K, that's all she wrote. Bye!

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