Monday, December 03, 2007

7th On Sale: Ebay Finds!

Ooops -- was having some Blogger issues... But we're back...

Okay, so aside from Parker Posey's hot mess, Michael Stipe's flasher outfit and Kate Spade's bizzare purple pup tent (see all and more mortses here), it turns out there actually is some good stuff up for grabz on 7th On Sale's eBay sale. Most of what I think is most spesh is the shoes. I've had a bunch of stuff in my watch list, and a lot of it went for mere PENNIES on the dollar, relatively speaking, of course. Observe, won't you?

(Currently $31, Twinkle By Wenlan)
Unbelievably adorable. This one's a size 4, but I think there's also a 10.

(Currently $31, Theory)
Sweet little staple. Size 6.

(Currently $112, Topshop)
One of Kate Moss' very own Topshop designs. I believe this was the dress everyone was shitting nuts over? Anyway, here it is in size 6. As always, spoon and lighter sold separately!

(Currently $55, Topshop)
Though I love this one more. GAH! I LOVE HOLIDAY PARTY DRESSES! GAH! Size 8.

(Currently $34, Halston, Topshop)
Not sure if this size 6 maxi dress is vintage Halston or what, but it's a great price, and it's never too early to start shopping for summer.

(Currently $33, Topshop)
Love this in theory, but in practice, puffy plaid may not go well with my curvy 5'2" frame, eh? It's lovely though. Probably best left to tall floggers like our Ms. Spinach!

(Currently $33, Topshop)
This jacket freaking RULES, but again, with my shortness and disproportionate chestal curves, I don't know if I could pull it off without looking like Betty Boob. Size 8.

(Currently $127, Yigal Azrouel)
The jacket's the thing here, y'all. Very cute -- black, metallic, size 4.

(Currently $8.60!!!, Topshop)
Ahhhh grey skinny jeans. The quilted Chanel bag of ... jeans. Love these. They're size 6/ 28.

(Currently $18, Loomstate)
Really cute, and they come in a few different sizes.

(Currently $202, Mulberry)
The Blenheim bag. Gorgeous.

(Currently $222, Michael Kors)
Apparently the one up for auction is the black version. Lovely, but I doubt I'd be willing to spend more than $200-something on it.

(Currently $185, Salvatore Ferragamo)
Beautemous color.

(Currently $78, Ferragamo)
Size 7. Love the woven detailing throughout. Nice variation on sometimes-boring brown pumps. Yay!

(Currently $47, Pedro Garcia)
Apparently these are black, though they look a little purple in the photo. Regardless, these are such great holiday flats. Size 7.

(Currently $50, Jean-Michel Cazabat)
Granted, I'd fucking KILL myself in these, they're pretty amazing. More power to you if you can walk in a wedge (in wintery conditions!) and you're a size 7.

(Currently $50, Jean-Michel Cazabat)
More picture-perfect Christmasy shoes. Size 10.

(Currently $108, Giuseppe Zanotti)
Size 9. Probably my favorite of their shoe offerings.

(Currently $100, Alejandro Ingelmo)
Second faves. Size 8.

(Currently $94, Burberry)
Well hello ubiquitous Burberry studded sandals. We've seen you before. If you're the type of person to care about seasonal stuff, a.) you probably aren't reading this and b.) you probably already own these. But if you don't and you don't, now could be your chance. These are size 8.5 but they have a bunch of other sizes too. I personally love these and think they're actually pretty timeless.


(Currently $22, Cynthia Rowley)
Cuteness, and ONE SIZE FITS ALL!
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