Saturday, December 15, 2007

'Tis The Season For Fugs Footwear: The Holiday Edition

Truthfully, the only thing these shoes have to do with the holidays is that it's the middle of the December. Now that I've cleared that up, let's get to it:

($164, Glory Chen,
You don't even need to have seen the inside of this person's home to know that it's decorated in that depressing pastel "Southwestern" Stucco style.

($50, Schuh)
How can just one pair of cheap shoes say so much about unfulfilled expectations?

($470, Bernard Wilhelm,
Remember the '80s? Yeah? Me too. Some things are best left there.

($198, Free People)
Aye caballero. No mas, por favor!

(Apprx $152, Topshop)
Perhaps these "Gladiator" boots were named after the movie, which would explain why they suck so epically.

($109, Type Z, Zappos)
Can whoever took Apollonia's purple suede "shoobies" without asking please return them? She's getting pissed.

($2,350, Christian Louboutin,
FINALLY! A boot that lets me pay tribute to both "Hellraiser" and "Blade Runner" at the same time.

($78, Naughty Monkey, Zappos)
Sometimes, "knowing when to say when" applies to the Bedazzler too.


Christine said...

hold on...the seizure is almost done...

and omg blade runner has to be my LEAST favorite movie of all time. ALL.TIME.

poop magee said...

Did you take photos of Fergie's closet?


daddylikeyblog said...


Anonymous said...

Heyy now, those first heels could SO possibly be rocked!!

I see it now!

But then again i have a slight addiction to lovely, ugly things

Anonymous said...

LOL! Whatever!
those bernhard willhelm booties are AMAZING!

not so sure about the cheap ass spiegel booties though..

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