Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Deal of the Day! $149 Frye Boots at Victoria's Secret

($149, Frye, Victoria's Secret)
Well well well! WHO knew (not me, for one!) that Victoria's Secret had stocked up on Frye boots? Me likey! I'm not totes sure if I'm the girl who can do that boho-chick-in-shit-kickers motorcycle boots, like say, Sienna Miller or Lindsay Lohan or Scarlett Johansson -- who may or may not be engaged, by the way -- but if I were, I'd certainly give these a shot. I love them way more in brown than in black, even though black would make some sorta sense since Doc Martens may or may not be back in! (!!!) I'm personally hoping for "not."

Frye boots I like even more but are not on sale:
($248, Frye, Shopbop.com)
I know they're a little Posh-Spice-Plays-Polo, but I love 'em regardless.


Anonymous said...

Sale shoes from victoira secrets or Doc martins?...I'd rather go barefoot......

Jessica said...

yummy frye boots! I am not surprised that you love them so much...look so good. The color is fantastic.


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