Sunday, January 06, 2008

Doggie Bags

Yay! I'm back! Actually I've been back a few days now (couldn't you feel that magic in the air and kick in your step? That was me.) But, I was plagued with horrendous food poisoning of some sort which I'm convinced was caused not by the haggis of Scotland but by a certain (read: the only) Cuban place on Smith Street. Not good. Anyway, just as I recover, I'm confronted by this monstrosity today at one of the cheap, slutty shops on 14th Street:

There are so many fucking wrong things in this photo, I don't even know where to start. But just in case you weren't clear, those AREN'T stuffed animals tethered to mannequins, which would be foul enough. They're DOGGIE PURSES! Is this what's in with the Hannah Montana set (that and faking your dad's death for tickets)? But it's even more disturbing that this shop is geared toward teens up to adults, at least in size, though certainly not in mentality.

Just a few other things wrong here, in case you're still transfixed by the horrifying puppy sacks:

+ Christmas lights wrapped around one mannequin's leg
+ leg warmers
+ Konichiwa shirt
+ dogs

If that one French bulldog-looking pup down in the front could talk he'd be like FOR GOD'S SAKE, GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! BUY ME AND BURN ME! JUST GET ME OUT OF THIS FASHION SNAKE PIT!!



Laura said...

thank you for making the trip to this area of fashion hell with me today. i actually saw some more upscale versions of the doggie purses in a boooooooooooo-tique in illadelphia. horrors.

Sealed said...

lol, I JUST stole that chihuahua bag from my friend last night, I like it. then again, I don't take fashion too seriously. I think these bags are hilarity and probs don't deserve such a harsh critique.

ps- i LOVE leg warmers!!!

Kathryn said...

I'm in San Diego on business and just saw these heinous beasts at a slut "boutique" and took pretty much the same photo. Horbz. I can't believe this is a nationwide disease.

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