Wednesday, January 09, 2008

M.A.C. N Collection: Neutral Faces, Ladies!

So, speaking of natural shoes, M.A.C.'s about to launch their "N" Collection -- a bouquet of beautimous nude and partially nude shades that provide just a touch of universally flattering natural color. The line was featured all over the runway during New York S/S '08 Fashion Week by Luca Luca, Preen, Tuleh and Bill Blass. The collection should be the perfect way to wear loud, fun bright dresses and stuff and not look like a tran-tran, a creepy party clown, a batshit old lady, or an Eastern European ice skater. I'm especially excited for the lipsticks:.

I'm also psyched for the milk chocolatey nail polish in "Naturally Rich."

M.A.C. "N" hits stores Thursday, January 10, which is tomorrow, if you have ESP!

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