Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Spring 2008 Shoe Trends: Are Moccasins The New Ballet Flats?

So, Stylehive has declared ballet flats out, moccasins in. Not so fast, says Fashionbinge! Saying ballet flats are out is a little overly general, no? That's like saying "sneakers are done!" These-a days "ballet flats" merely suggests a broad, far-reaching style of shoe, like "platforms" or "sandals."

Anyway, I don't plan on giving up ballet flats -- in warmer weather, they're the perfect, slightly more fance-pants alternative to flip-flops. But, I have room in my heart for moccasins too, though only ones that don't look like bedroom slippers or like they were stolen off the feet of some dusty old mannequin in a history museum diorama about Native Americans living on the prairie or whatever. Basically, any moccasins that look like dead animals should be avoided at all costs.

That said, the ones I saw at Forever 21 the other day are straight-forward and innocuous:

($22.80, Forever 21)
Cute, preppy weekend wear, perfect with jeans.

($42, Minnetonka, Urban Outfitters)
Lo and behold, Urban Outfitters has tons of moccasins in their batch of spring shoesies. Though, oddly, they only have brown and black Minnetonkas. I say, if you're gonna do the moc, do the original, y'all. If I were to get a pair, I'd kick it old-school and go with the o.g. white ones, just like the ones I owned circa the 1988-9 school year. Brown would be a close second, but definitely not black.

($34, Urban Outfitters)
Urbs also has lotsa boat mocs. I say "meh." Go with the moc or the boat shoe (if you MUST), but not both at the same time.

I'm also always a fan of a leather (or leather-like) moc. Too bad these Chloe are priced off the map:
($374, Chloe,
Steal 'em!


($90, Enzo Angiolini, Piperlime)
A steal! I had a pair like this a few years ago from Old Navy or somewhere like that, and I wore them out -- they went with absolutely everything (except gold, of course). This style's the perfect disposable seasonal shoe.

($82.95, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Zappos)
Another decent pair.

... And now for some not-so-decent pairs:
($86, Steve Madden, Zappos)
I wouldn't even wear these in the privacy of my own home.

($178, Materia Prima, Zappos)
These make me feet feel depressed.

($93, J. Renee, Zappos)
These somehow came up in my search of moccasins. And I really really wish they hadn't.

Finally, to bring this thing full circle, a cute pair of ballet flats, on sale!
($59, J. Crew)
The other versions are an atrocity, but these are simple and sweet. Toodles!
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