Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Footwear, Au Naturale

I present you... lots of heels and boots, with nods to nature in the form of wood, straw and earth tones! Hippie chic meets urban sophisticate... errr something...

($114, Asos)
Love the woo heel, though I'm not totally convinced that the peep toe element is okay. Oh well. Sacrifices, I suppose! And they're gorgeous in green too:

($360, Pedro Garcia,
I'm also not totally sold on these, but I kind of like the rustic, ruggedness of the unfinished edge.

($320, L.A.M.B.,
Um, okay so I'm sorta cheating with these, but the woven effect is sorta nature-y, no? Rattan and wicker porch chairs and all that?

($70, Faryl Robin,
Normally these would be just a little too Chrissy Snow for me, but the little turquoise buckle is both totally modernizing and endearing.

($290, Derek Lam, Barneys)
I absolutely love these. They have a sorta sexy, smart speakeasy feel to them. Like you put 'em on and something naughty'll happen on ye olde Bowerie or something! Like two whiskey-drunk dudes in mustaches will have a fistfight over you that'll escalate into a knife fight!

($95, Steve Madden,
Not sure who's getting knocked off here. Balenciaga? Miu Miu? Fendi? Chanel? No matter, because I can't afford any of them!

Ah, my leit motif: the wood cone heel. I'd break for these.

($536, Les Prairies de Paris,
Ah, a gorgeous wood-heeled ankle boot by the elusive, expensive Les Prairies de Paris. And in grey, no less! Oui oui!!


Anonymous said...

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