Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fashion Week Trifecta: MAC, Ports 1961, David & Phillipe Blond

OMG tonight featured a WHIRLWIND of Fashion Week activity.

First stop: a MAC event. I signed two documents forbidding me from writing about it, so... oh well!

Second: Ports 1961 -- If one could go on a jungle safari off the coast of Cape Cod, it would be to Ports-land, where models like Jessica Stam and Coco Rochas roam the terrain in lush, rich earth and jewel tones. (Saw: pretty princess Aisha Tyler and the basically boring Sophia Bush).

THIRD!: David & Phillipe Blond (their Website is inexplicably not updated!!! but here's their MySpace). This shit practically makes Heatherette look like Brooks Brothers. Barbie takes E and encounters magical unicorns, unicorn trainers in Louboutins, and glittery, goth dominatrixes who all look like Stella Tennant. The show was late by an hour but did, I do believe, feature Iekeliene Strange = maybe they were waiting for her. (I was starving by the time it started, and then I realized that that's how it must feel to be a model. That'd really suck.)

It was trill though, because there was plenty of famous and famous-because-you-know-them-from-reality-tv people to look at, including but not limited to:

+ Nigel Barker, who looked beyond appealing in a pin-striped suit
+ Nole Marin
+ Lynn Yaeger, longtime Village Voice fashion editor
+ Lydia Hearst
+ Patricia Field (you may have heard of her!)
+ Patrick McDonald
+ Various and sundry trannies
+ Various and sundry men who were possibly transvestites, and if not, they were simply wearing heels and/or lipstick (... for fun?)
+ Lots of other people who look like they've been going to Fashion Week since 1902, and then lots of club kids trying to dress like them

Anyway, that show was amazing -- the music that preceded the show (pop songs set to string quartets) was the best I've ever heard used in a show.

Okay. Those were completely beat reviews -- check Style, NY Mag (love their party photos), Coutorture, FabSugar, Elle and/or Fashion Week Daily for "actual coverage" -- but it's almost 2AM, and my mouth is growing some kind of moss or something that I really need to go take care of and then I need to go to bed so I can get up and vote... for myself as a write-in candidate.

(Photo credits: top: Bill Hayward; bottom: NY Magazine)

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eye4style said...

Hi Tamron - Nice meeting you at the hush, hush MAC event yesterday! Hope to see you soon - Dina

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