Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Slightly More Fashion Week: Ports 1961 Runway Photos

Pee the photos (from NYMag.com) of the Ports 1961 show I was lucky enough to attend last night.

The pieces I loved the most were the gorgeous, lush solids with minimal adornment:

Only thing I wasn't loving: noticeable quantities of fur. Boo!

Other thing:

Girl needs to lay OFF the spaghetti Bolognese, nomesayn?

Affordable ways to add safari style to your wardrobe without killing half a generation of rabbits -- scarves!

($92, Tolani, ShopIntuition.com)
Yay! So versatile! A scarf for all seasons!

($46.52, Asos.com)

($45.62, Asos.com)
Both totes cute, say, for a LOWER EAST SIDE safari! Where you hunt for specimens of ironic eyewear!

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