Wednesday, March 12, 2008

High Rollin' On Hump Day (Translation: Expensive Stuff)

All of the following items have the following in common:

1.) They're gorgeous.
2.) I want them all.
3a.) They're all $169 and up.
3b.) In my world, things $169 and up qualify as "expensive."

Let's take a looksee, shall we? In declining order of dearness, meaning the closer you get to the bottom, the greater your chances become of being able to afford stuff (if you're me).

($895, Anya Hindmarch,
DEFINITELY not a plastic bag.

($390, Celestina,
Beautiful, timeless, worth doing some "creative refinancing" on the monthly budget for... almost maybe.

($385, Jill Stuart,
So sweet, and more subdued than your typical red-and-black cherries fare.

($365, MZ Wallace)
Gorgeous everyday bag. Love it in orange too.

($363, Alexis,
And you, faux croc ombre envelope clutch -- I covet you most of all.

($216, Maria Bonita Extra,
Possibly the greatest ballet flats/ skimmers/ whatever ever.

($169, Prairie New York,
I'm starting to feel a bit "meh" bout jeweled embellishments at this point (but not 100%), though this is supes cutes. But don't click the "indigo" version if you're easily offended!


Number 5 stupid name ... want to be Kevin or Dave! said...

Oooh, those flats are TDF.

Jessica said...

you picked some amazing pieces - love the jill stuary dress!

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