Friday, March 14, 2008

Leggings By Lohan!

Look who's legging-ing! Per JustJared, Lindsay Lohan will be bringing her no-pants fashion sense to the willing-to-spend masses when she launches her own line of leggings. (Thanks to Chicago's Rustrick-On-That-Cool-Tip for the knowledge-based alert.)

So, is this the ultimate nail in the coffin for leggings, or is this a sign that they're not going anywhere? Or a sign of the impending apocalypse? And will they be as blindingly horbs as these corrupt monstrosities? And are you almost starting to consider Mom Jeans at this point?

And coming soon: Lindsay-branded coke spoons!?


Number 5 stupid name ... want to be Kevin or Dave! said...

Whatevs. I stand by the leggings. Me and Linds basically have the same wardrobe -- and I make no apologies. That's right, Lilo -- you have at least one customer.

Anonymous said...

What will make her leggings different from other leggings? Coke-dusted and a hole in a crotch for easy access?

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