Sunday, May 18, 2008

My New Aoyama Itchome Dress!

It's Wedding S/S '08 season -- I have at least four between next weekend and October. I say "at least" because you never know who's gonna pull the trigger at the last minute, be it a shotgun wedding (helllloooooo Ashlee Simpson!) or one of those "fuck-it-let's-do-it-now" joints. So, of course, I needed a new dress to wear on this season's circuit.

Target: Atlantic Avenue and points south.

Budget: Under $200. Preferably well under that, but sometimes it ends up being worth it to spend more money and less time/ sanity. Although, ONE dress for $200 around Atlantic Ave. is no easy feat...


I'd stopped into Aoyama Itchome a few weeks after it opened on Atlantic Avenue. Aoyama Itchome, by the way, is named for named for Japanese designer Hogo Natsuwa, who resides in Paris, and started Aoyama Itchome in 2001.

Honestly, I liked a lot of the dresses, but I wasn't into all of the pretty-peasant-style flowy dresses, painted silks and and other frocks in a variety of worry-doll wovens.

But I stopped by again today, and I walked out with this pretty, forgiving, flattering, and 'fordable frock:
($155, Aoyama Itchome)
Purdy, right? And in case you're interested, you can't shop the store online, but you can stop by: at 296 Atlantic Ave.

Now... shoes: I might get some pretty purple heels, or these, which I blogged about before:
($104, Pura Lopez, Amazon)
Si? Are the studs too much? I kinda think they'ze just right.

+ More Aoyama Itchome pretties:
(Aoyama Itchome, Noisette)
Sold out! BOOOO!

($60, Aoyama Itchome, Noisette)
Best! Wintery!

($108, Aoyama Itchome,
Such pretty fall colors.

($108, Aoyama Itchome,
Purdy. Would be even cuter with some tights and flats, and not Mom Jeans.

($79, Aoyama Itchome, eBay)
Love the bib front. Git it, girl!

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Anonymous said...

Love these! They're v similar to Tsumori Chisato dresses, which are available at similar prices on eBay. I've been coveting one with bunny rabbits forever, but waver on whether or not I can pull off the bunny rabbits. I'm sure after 3 months in Tokyo I will be all over the cute-critters-on-clothing!


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