Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Succumb to "As Seen on 'Gossip Girl'": Alex + Chloe's Black Pearl Necklace

($380, Alex + Chloe)
I confess: I haven't seen even one episode of Gossip Girl. I had my emotions toyed with too much by Josh Schwartz after The O.C. jumped the shark with the introduction of Oliver. By the time Taylor arrived, the damage had been done -- that house was practically burnt to the ground. Besides, I don't need to watch the show. I can get all of the ridiculous eye candy fashion (hello -- I was wearing oversized flannels, thrift store tees and, like, Xena jeans in high school) -- because the show truly is Sex and the City goes back to school -- online and in magazines. Anyway, I really love this necklace, as seen on the character named Something-or-Other Von Villain McBitchySkirts, played by the super pasty Michelle Tractenberg.

Gotta agree with No Good For Me's assessment of black pearls: "I love how they make a ladylike staple into something infinitely more subversive." Truest that, and coupled with the triangular pendant, there's even more of a good-girl-gone-bad vibe happening here. Let gossip reign!


Anonymous said...

This necklace is gorgeous! I just bought the most fabulous pearl necklace from premium pearl! It reminds me of this... good find!

Pamcasso said...

I love 'different' colored pearls. This is gorgeous!

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