Friday, June 20, 2008

Sovereign Beck Ties

One of the main complaints/ criticisms I usually hear about Le Binge (besides what seems to be our feast-or-famine style of posting as of late) is that we don't do enough menswear. Actually, we do almost no menswear! Mainly that's because it's just not our thing, but these silk ties by Sovereign Beck -- I know it sounds like a bank, but Sovereign Beck is actually Brooklyn designers Ryan Sovereign and William Beck -- were too beautiful not to Binge about. I saw their 2008 collection at a Shecky's shopping event, and I had to share their smart, sophisticated designs that look like hand-rendered line drawings without a hint of too-cutesy craftiness:

($90, Thatch in grey and mauve)

($90, Crystalize in pink)

($90, "Links," from the 2007 collection)

($90, "Rings," from the 2007 collection)

Buy them online, and see who stocks them, and then check out their looks here -- you can totally tell how good these look on everyday guys who don't necessarily wear ties every day, but don't want to look like total DBs or Wall Street rejects when they do. I'd get one for my boyfriend, but he's about as happy in a tie as a cat in a laundry bag. Oh yeah, and no matter how much you might like them, ladies, PLEASE don't wear one unless you're Diane Keaton and you own a time machine. Otherwise, girls in ties is a fashion crime up there with doing the dirty dirty double denim deed.

1 comment:

Pamcasso said...

I love Annie Hall, but I don't have a time machine, yet.

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