Friday, June 20, 2008

Flirt Mascara: Hello, Old Friend!

Beauty Blogging Junkie's Amber, who I've hung out with, and I assure you, she is, indeed PHENOM IRL, completely reminded me -- because I somehow totally forgot -- that I used to LOVE Kohl's Flirt "Far Out" lengthening mascara:

($11.50, Flirt!, Kohl's)
The bald wand is so creepy-cool, right? And seriously, while it looks defecto, it does its job like a little effin' champ. It lengthens better than a measuring tape. A good lengthening primer to help lift and separate, if you will.

($10, Flirt, Kohl's)
Thinking I'd ordered the "Far Out" (heh! I accidentally typed "fart!") I ordered the "Big Flirt" mascara instead. Definitely does the job and didn't sell me down a river like Dior's Diorshow or shit the bed like Urban Decay's Big Fatty Mascara. AND AND AND you can buy both Big Flirt and Far Out for the price of one (useless) Diorshow. Do it!

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