Friday, June 20, 2008

Escape to Cuters Beach

I'm headed out on a starter vacay tomorrow -- I really should be packing and not playing around. And while I'm not going to the beach (nay, definitely not -- I'm off to sandy Kalamazoo... jealous?), here's my fantasy packing list of stuff I'd like to be bringing with me were I off to a weeklong trip to the beach and not getting up at 5 a.m. for a three-day trip to the Midwest:

($168, Letarte,
Such a suit. Letarte makes great suits. This safari bikini is supercute and not too overkill with the jungle theme.

($156, Letarte,
Another cute Letarte. Reminds me of Shoshanna's bikinis.

($187, Serfontaine,
These are sort of ridiculous, but they're so soft and comfy-looking and would be so cute with a beachy tank.

($30.50, Alloy)
So old-school they're almost great. Very Mary-Kate Olsen, according to Chicago JP. True!

($35, Alternative Apparel)
Buttery soft heather cropped pants, perfect for pulling on and lounging around after you've taken your post-beach shower. Also, I cannot say enough good things about Alternative Apparel -- their fit and feel are fantastic, and they're not headed by an evil, mustachioed porn-faced CEO! Yay!

($112, Peter Jensen, Gargyle)
More Southampton than South Padre.

($595, Loeffler Randall,
I'm not the type to wear heels with shorts and a bikini top, but if I wear, these would be the perfect pair for that sort of ridiculous posturing that really only happens in movies and magazines, I hope.

Super cute beachy-prep bowling bag.

($68, Brooklyn Industries)
Not beachy per se, but super fun. Brooklyn Industries has gotten cuter! The first one reminds me of Paul's Boutique.

($70, Boost, Urban Outfitters)
Suuuuuuuper fun, suuuuuper summery cute headphones... to go in your beach bag.

($1.29, Biocare Labs)
The site is pure crap, but trust me -- this lip balm is the best. Doesn't do that gross thing where it makes you thirsty in the back of your throat. Okay -- time to pack my ACTUAL, real-life items. Nitey!


Alex said...

K-zoo's a nice place. If you get the time, head over to the gorgeous beaches on lake michigan! Love the blog, keep it up!

parnika said...

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ambika said...

Love those shorts & hate that they're 187 bucks. Damn.

Sal said...

Great picks. I especially love the headphones - though, I'd opt for the brown/pink combo. The others make me think of a bottle of LA Looks.

Enjoy Kalamazoo. One of my favorite placenames EVAR.

Emma said...

Gorgeous picks, especially the short shorts!

Pamcasso said...

those alloy shorts are a total alexander wang knockoff (that means I love them:))

anne h. said...

i went to school in kalamazoo. it's not a bad place, and yes, there are very nice beaches if you head west to lake michigan (about 30 minutes).

trend de la creme said...

Loving the Shop Intuition bag. Let us know how the trip went :)

Poster Girl said...

Cute picks, especially the headphones and the Serfontaine shorts. Now I wanna go somewhere just so I can pack! Enjoy your vacation!

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