Friday, July 04, 2008

Carabella Swim Sale!

Carabella's having a big-aysed sale: 40% off their entire site through Sunday. Enter code C418. I just bought these three suits (with fingers crossed that they fit because I'm not sure about their return policy, but I am sure if I don't buy a suit soon, I'm gonna be going jumping in the water in a shorts and t-shirt when I go to the beach at the end of this month).

($79, Sunflair, Carabella)

($49, It Figures, Carabella)
Not sure about this one, but it's not bad and doesn't have legs cut up to the ears. Hate that.

($39, Shape FX, Carabella)
The Marissa Miller boobie bandeau I blogged about before. We'll see, maybe it'll work.

And happy fourth, everyone. It looks like it's about to rain here, so we're sittin' around the homefront in the AC, watching some show about Tom Petty. Ain't that America? And, of course, we're keeping it fashionable -- check out the awesome chef's toque con longosta that my boyfriend is randomly rocking:

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