Friday, July 04, 2008

Topshop's First Step Toward Taking New York: Taking Over Williamsburg's McCarren Pool Parties

Topshop still hasn't opened in New York (boo), but they're establishing their presence at the hipster magnet that is Williamsburg's (the Lower East Side of Brooklyn) McCarren Park Pool Parties -- a series of free concerts held every Sunday afternoon all summer in the shell of a former municipal pool. It's hot and sticky as fuck there, but the music is free, and the fashion entertainment factor cannot be measured, as Catherine's demonstrated in the past. Also, last Sunday's Hold Steady show was supposed to be absolutely face-melting, but it also poured like the heavens were having a going out of business sale, so I skipped it.

Anyway, Topshop and Topman have set up camp (a little beachy area, specifically) at the pool parties this year, to promote the forthcoming NYC arrival of our very first ever Topshop/Man. Chicks are roaming around dressed in Topshop gear (cue jealousy), and they've set up a photo booth where you can snap pix of yourself -- I'm thinking it's probably like the Helmut Newton photo booth project they did back in London.

Here's the schedule
for the rest of the summer. Ronnie Spector (!!!) is this Sunday, and I'd definitely recommend seeing the Ting Tings on July 27.

And with that in mind, check out some of my favorite pieces from Topshop's High Summer line:

(Apprx $29)
Very Lily Allen.

(Apprx $89 USD)
Topshop's answer to the Prada fairy bag. Wonder if these bleed.

(Apprx $59 USD)
Also want!

+ Check out more of Topshop's High Summer collection, and buy stuff here.

1 comment:

Sal said...

Ach, those gray patent slingbacks are swoon-inducing. And speaking of jealousy, it's going to be DECADES before Topshop graces the Midwest, I fear. You are lucky East Coast ducks, you are.

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