Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fashionbinge <3s Bonadrag + Issy Salomon

Swoooonys for right now, y'all. If Bonadrag were a teen-star-turned-gloriously-befollicled-star-of-a-mainstream-hospital-
dramedy, they'd be Patrick Dempsey, but Patrick Dempsey in Can't Buy Me Love, not on Grey's. Anyway, not only did I order my Rotter & Friends Linda Rondstandt shirt from, but Heather, the shop's proprietress/blogger, sent it in gorgeously wrapped packaging AND ... here's the best thing... in addition to cuties little Rotter & Friends stickers, Heather also threw in an awesomely curated Bonadrag mix CD, which "is just so typically me," to quote Britney, that I wonder if she snuck into my brain and/or iPod and checked my "most played" list, because here's who's on it:

* Rufus Wainwright = one of my ALL-TIME faves; I have seen him just fewer than 10 times because I am trapped in a gay man's body
* Belle & Sebastian
* Fleetwood Mac
* Stevie Nicks (please -- I just bought a shirt with Linda Ronstandt on it -- you think I don't love Stevie too? She's the only person in the world besides Prince whom I can forgive for wearing crushed velvet.

Anyway, my name is Tamar (Tamron's not my real name, btw), and I approve of Bonadrag. (Also -- Modcloth sends awesome extras in their packages too! And not just like mini shaving creams, like Delia's, though that is useful!) Oh yeah: the shirt is amazing, and I plan on washing, wearing, repeating, repeating, repeat:
($44, Rotter & Friends, Bonadrag -- duh)
It was a little pricey for just a tank, but really, it's not "just a tank," and it's by an indie designer, and it was an early birthday present to me. Thanks, me! (Yer welcome!)

Also, another early beeday present I got meeeee:
Excuse my crappy crappy photog lack-of skills... it's an awesome Lucite necklace from designer Issy Salomon. It was on sale for a glorious $25, and quite literally, someone complimented me on it as I was walking out of his shop wearing it! Wee! He sells his handmade (and absurdly reasonably priced jewelry) at EDGE*NY in Noho, which you should definitely check out -- I went for the first time on Sunday, and it was similar to the Young Designers' Market but maybe not quite as subversive. Best thing at EDGE was definitely the jewelry, whereas Young Designers' Market has great jewelry and better apparel, I think... Anyway, Issy Salomon sells his schtuff at EDGE, or non-NYers, you can check out his site. His pieces remind me a bit of Subversive Jewelry, but more accessible and WAY more affordablay.

And here's a pic of my crappy cat, Rory, getting his mug all up in my situation:

Cute Issy Salomon earrings... clearly I did NOT take this photo...

A few more things:
+ Spoiled Pretty & Beauty Blogging Junkie are doing the raddest '80s ladies week pieces! Tee!
+ Style It Online is eyeing a Yohji Yamamoto "handbag" that could double as a sleeping bag.
+ Wake Up Maggie needs new flats. Don't we always?
+ Bunnyshop is just meh about the monokini. Word.
+ The Cut wonders "Why are shorts suddenly okay this summer?" If only I knew.
+ Not even the USSSJP could save Steve & Barry's from sinking -- they filed for Chapter 11 today. You'll have to get your Venus Williams wear elsewhere.


wake up, maggie. said...

whoa, you linked to my site. that's the first time that's ever happened. i think i got more traffic in one day than i would have in like .. a week. thanks !

i still need flats. le sigh.

- maggie :]

Sal said...

Damn, how did I miss this site? Such cute stuff so cheap! Well, with exceptions like your Linda tank ... but I agree, that is an investment piece.

Sara Millionaire said...

So, I just came across your blog through the magic of the Internet and I've spent the last hour perusing! I love it. That Linda Ronstadt tank is to kill for; isn't it funny how something you wouldn't normally pay $20 for is worth twice as much if it has a great graphic on it? (I feel that way about Built By Wendy t-shirts.)

Anyway, hope you don't mind if I add a link to your site on my own paltry blog.


ambika said...

Love the tank--and happy early birthday!

Tamron Lohan said...

thanks, ambika!!

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