Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nike McFlys Return to the Future, Finally

Attention sneaker freakers (actually, attention regular peeps, because sneakerheads probably already know this)... Twenty-one years into the future, you can FINALLY wear the once-fictitious Nike dunks Marty McFly made famous in Back to the Future II. The inspired-by sneakers are coming out later this summer and are, inexplicably, going to be repped by Kobe Bryant.

More here, here and here.

Need something more lo-tech? Delia's has 22 different colors of Converse:


Pamcasso said...

Nike McFlys? sign me up! esp if they come with a hoverboard, I'll be really disappointed if they don't.

Sal said...

I'd never wear the McFlys, though I am thrilled to know they exist! Part of the sole looks like it might be crafted from Orbitz gum ... that must help with the hovering capabilities. Somehow.

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