Sunday, October 05, 2008

Coolin' Out: Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel

($23.50, Korres, Sephora)
If you know anything about ayurvedic doshas, mine's pitta, which basically means that I operate at about 7000 degrees Fahrenheit at most times, except for the winter, when my body does me the personal fucking favor of dipping into the cool 4000s. Anyway, I'm constantly steaming, boiling, and overheating in general. And I have rosacea, which I'm sure is linked to the constant Sucks, brah.

So I was DEEEEEELIGHTED to discover Korres' Yoghurt Cooling Gel.

So. Know that: it's considered an after-sun product, but I used it as a moisturizer at night, and I've read about lots of other redfaced-folks like myself doing the same. Why? Because this ish is the jumpoff right here. It's got the consistency of a thick but smooth gel, it's instantly refreshing, there's zero gooey stickiness, and the tinglies last for way longer that I'd expected. Oh yeah, and I've read lots of complaints about the odor, and while it's distinct (I truly can't I.D. it) but to me, the product has a nice, refreshing smell, albeit a sort of plasticky fragrance as opposed to an overly organic smell. But the haters must be used to like some horbs Bath & Body Works sun-ripened raspberry nonsense, because I think the Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel smells great.

For added effect, I will probably refrigerate as I've done with other cooling gels, but there will be no OTHER cooling gels. Just Korres, okay?

And I'm going on a cruise next week (eee! and no judgements, okay? It's a family vacation), and this will be coming with. Currently I just own the $8.50 smaller bottle (it's 1.69 fl oz), but I'm gonna have to upgrade to the biggun up there.

Also, there's a Korres in Brooklyn! Who knew? (Clearly not me. I need to go above Atlantic Avenue more often.)

Two cool-related videos -- the always-gorge Gwen Stefani's "Cool," and "Cool" from West Side Story, which looks just as cool almost half a decade later:

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