Sunday, October 12, 2008

MAJOR RAGER Savings at Urban Outfitters With This Promo Code, Y'awl

The other day, in an informative entry entitled Things I Want And Do Not Want Catherine -- or Ekatarina, as I like to refer to her, as though she were some wispy, sad, hollow-eyed Eastern European ice skater -- posted up this STAPLE of a skirt:

$58, Urban Outfitters
And I REALLY wanted it. And it was like 10 on Friday night, I was at work, and I was like, you know what, Tamron? You've been workin' your sweet little butt off. Time to cover that butt up in that skirt right there. Because you deserve it. So then what'd I do? Never one to settle for paying full retail, I found this little promo code: LUCKYBREAKS8, and, true to its namesake, it was indeed a lucky break, as it saved me effing 25%, knockin' that sucka MC down from $58 to $43.30. Serious as a heart attack! Saved my tired lil ass almost $15. Lucky doesn't have to know I haven't even picked up this month's issue. That'll just be our lil secret, 'kay?

1 comment:

Anniki :) said...

Beautiful skirt! I don't like leather much, but this one is sweet.

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