Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Pade Vavra Wild Horses Necklace Is The Best Thing I've Ever Purchased Ever

Yes yes, ladies. Believe it. Not one, not two, but THREE horses, and they're all currently draped around my neck, frozen in mid leap tableau. It's by L.A. jewelry designer Pade Vavra, and here's how it all went down.

A few weeks ago, I went to the VIP Lucky Shops preview party with Beauty Blogging Junkie's Amber and my fiance, who I thought would want to leave in 14 seconds, but it turned out he wanted to see Leighton Meister (smart move!), and after indulging in several of the many free beverages, he graciously held my bags and coat while I tried stuff on, because he is awesome, which I already knew.

Anyway, I passed by Pade Vavra's table, and of course, being an aficionado of miniature horses and ponies and horse jewelry, her amazing Wild Horses necklace immediately caught my magpie eye and held my attention. But that night I was doing the "I'm not buying ANYTHING" thing (which didn't last, because I bought that Charlotte Ronson sweater), yet I could NOT stop thinking about that necklace. Matt graciously reminded me that um, I recently acquired some very nice jewelry (erm, an engagement ring and a pair of diamond earrings... riiiight), however, the necklace kept trotting through my materially obsessed mind.

So, after several rounds of rationalization -- I recently got promoted, I'm good at not making LOTS of major purchases, I deserve it, I'm already in debt so why stop now, I'm an idiot (see prior rationalization), etc etc -- I emailed the address on the site, and Pade herself ended up emailing me back. She ended up selling me the necklace herself over the phone, and we chatted like pals about our favorite shops in New York. I probably sounded like a creepy stalker (or just a Jap), going on and on about how much I love horses and peacocks and jewelry, but I'd pretty much marry Pade at this point (that's her below), because she designs amazing (and reasonably priced) handmade pieces involving horses, peacocks, and feathers and precious and semi-precious stones along with strong, rough-hewn, organic elements with an end result that's not too prissy, not too hippy-dippy yet not too overly modern or overdone. The only bad part? I want just about every single thing she creates. (To my point about sounding like a stalker.)

Anyway, so after not being able to stop fixating on the horse necklace, like I said, she sweetly sold it to me, it arrived just a few days later, and it's even better than I'd remembered. And for real, I've gotten about 15 billion compliments on it. When I wear it (every day) it's like I'm freaking Oprah Winfrey or something -- practically getting mobbed when I walk down the street. All I gotta do now is open a school somewhere and start giving away cars. And I would if I could.

Check out more of Pade Vavre's gorgeous pieces:

Buy all Pade Vavre's jewelry online (if I don't first), or see where you can buy near you.

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