Monday, November 03, 2008

What Is The Cut-Off Age For Cat Sweaters? Plus: We The Free Looks Like A Knee-Jerk Ew

($128, Rendez-Vous By Paul & Joe Sister, Urban Outfitters)
And have I passed it? Am I too old for sweaters with kitties on them? Does that mean I need to get rid of my scotty dog sweater?

Am I also too old for this very '50s pink princess phone?
($50, Urban Outfitters)
Worth getting a landline reinstalled? Probably not. Fun to look at though.

Okay, so as much as I'll admit to Urban Outfitters being a guilty pleasure/ (un)necessary evil, I don't think I can deal with their new offshoot brand, We the Free, which recently opened on Smith Street. I passed by last night and saw the new storefront, which I hadn't passed since its past life as a dry cleaner.

In the window, I peeped a few pairs of cool-looking studded Chucks, plus several folded pairs of vintage Levis -- suggesting vintage boutique? buy/ sell/ trade? store in progress? -- and some deconstructed-looking sweatshirts and LOTS of open space occupying what's gotta be 1000 square feet. At least. The decor was teetering between art-school-grads-open-a-makeshift-found-space-on-a-dime, and major-corporation-creates-a-blatant-attempt-to-create-a-store-that-emits-an-art-school-grads-open-a-makeshift-found-space-on-a-dime look. And upon closer inspection and further research, the former is case. I'm sorry, but this shit looks absolutely terrible.

An American Eagle-lookalik knit tank for $98????

Thank goodness I'll be able to find $58 knee socks in a pinch!

... And then there are"these"... !?!?!?
Someone's aborted knitting disaster? ... For the PERFECTLY reasonable price of $148!

And those studded Converse? $168. $223 if you get the horbs knee socks too!



Sal said...

Jeebus. Those socks are cute, but not $58 worth of cute.

Anjali said...

Free People has been around for a while, no? Anyway, yeah, most of their stuff is overpriced, but it usually goes on pretty decent sale if you wait around long enough. (The ugly stuff stays ugly though :) But a lot of things *are* cute!) I saw the studded Converse earlier and I'm kind of in love, but I'm pretty sure I could DIY them for like $120 cheaper.

Tamron Lohan said...

Yeah, Free People's been aroudn a while, but this is like their newer Free People vintage spin-off. The Chucks are cool, but yes, it could be DIY'ed for PENNIES on the dollar!

Grayburn said...

Hmmm...kitty sweaters. I think it depends on the color :)

x Grayburn

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