Monday, November 03, 2008

Vintage Video: IB Diffusion = Mastubatory Knitwear, Exotic Animals, Helicopters & More!

Wowsa! Who knew when I signed up for those Barbizon modeling classes at the mall that I'd find myself convulsing in the bustling city sidewalks, creaming in my knit ankle-length skirt as the result of a simple phone call, and masturbating myself to quivering orgasm on my couch while fantasizing about a couple of tacky sweaters!

Other things I never would've foreseen: owning the unseemly combination of a tiger, a snow leopard, and average house cat! Good thing I'm also leasing all this creepy, vaguely outsider modern art too! And the cats don't even TOUCH my exotic flora -- it's the darndest thing!

And now if you'll excuse me, my helicopter's waiting outside to whisk me away to my job,. which consists of convulsing on a platform inside of an art gallery while wearing a beret! I'm today's IB Diffusion Woman, and the world is my IB Diffusion oyster, and by oyster, I mean umbrella of deliriously bright, hideously outstretched, funk nasty oversized acrylic knits! Viva la Diffusion!

1 comment:

christine said...

holy moly that video is amazing. The modeling poses are so atrocious haven't they ever watched ANTM?!

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