Monday, November 03, 2008

Last-Minute gObama Stilos!

Because I'm purdy sure you ain't allowed to wear your candidate on your sleeve, chest or other parts of your person, I'll be wearing my so-smooshy-soft Loyal Army Obama tee today!

($19.50, Loyal Army)
I like the In Living Color fontage. Also, Loyal Army shirts come with the most coooootest stickers ever, like their This Is We Roll shirt, which I also want.

The Loyal Army shirt is arguably less ridick than this Obama shirt I saw in a storefront in Nassau:
... I still kinda wanted it tho...

Or, you could be like Eve and Solange Knowles and sneak in with some Obama nail art...

.... Or see if you can slip in in Toms Vote shoes?
($45, Toms)
Each pair sold buys a kid indeed a pair of shoes. And YOU get a pair of shoes too! Win/ win!

($395, Hayden-Harnett,
Or you could do the PATRIOTIC THING and buy me this vaguely patriotic bag! It's your duty, Americans!

And speaking of Americans, please enjoy this clip from one of my all-time favorite movies, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and an amazing vintage clip of Deee-Lite.

BTW: Polls in NYC close at 9pm! See what time polls close in your state, kay?

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