Monday, January 12, 2009

American Apparel Finally COMMITS To Porn!

At long last, American Apparel has stopped fucking around and just COMMITTED to p0rning in their latest ads. They're SUPER creative -- you know -- a girl (in this case, porn star Charlotte Stokely) unzipping her zipper-front bodysuit to reveal what you'd NEVER GUESS existed beneath a front-zip suit: B00BS! More NSFW shots at Refinery29, and then some definitely NSFW pube-y shots of p0rn-star-cum-actress Sasha Grey in thigh-high athletic socks. Because I ALWAYS IMMEDIATELY think pubes when I need thigh-high socks. Oh wait, I NEVER need thigh-high socks. Also, again, I'm not 100% against porn or women taking charge of their sex and bodies. Eroticism is fine. I just believe in a separation of blatant, skeezy sex and retail. Like, I feel way better knowing that I'm not gonna be attacked by a giant clit in eyeliner and ironic 1980s glasses if I go here.
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