Thursday, January 08, 2009

Target's New Go! International Collection Goes In House

Target's staying closer to home for their next Go! International collection... like, really close to home. The next collection, which launches in February, is a private, in-house collection (not a bad move -- it's probably cheaper than reeling in a known entity like Hayden-Harnett or bigger names like Alexander McQueen or Anya Hindmarch), and it's not bad. I don't love they way they styled the second looks, but on their own, the pieces are fun and have potential. A few picks:
Multi-Color Bandage Dress $44.99

Zipper Dress in Blue $34.99 -- PLEASE, withOUT the ripped rights! Do it RIGHT -- with some nice black tights and heels!

Cutout Shoulder Dress in Black/Gray $44.99

Printed Shift Dress in Black/White $34.99
(Via Racked)

+ And speaking of Target, Fucked In Park Slope's insider investigation of Brooklyn's Atlantic Center Target is COMPLETELY true and on point. It's a total pit, unfortunately. Stay tuned -- we may be getting more insider reports from that very same, sad-sack Targs. On the opposite end of the coin though, Future Lint -- she won the Harajuku Lovers coffret set! -- knows about an amazing Target-Salvation Army pig-elephant hybrid! AMAZING!

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