Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fashion Week Street Style Spotting: Naoko In Marc by Marc Jacobs Patents & Unearthen!

Before I hit the Richie Rich show this past Wednesday, I went to the Vivienne Tam presentation in Soho (photos coming soon!), and while the pieces were radiant and stunning, I couldn't help but notice this girl's fantastically fun white patent leather shoes:

They're Marc by Marc Jacobs, and they were so freaking cute that I had to run up to her -- her name is Naoko, by the way -- and snap some photos. AND, when we were talking, I realized she was wearing an Unearthen crystal necklace -- I've been lusting in my heart for those for a fortnight:

($300, Unearthen,
There's an orange one on Bonadrag that's KILLINK me softly!

Oh, so but the best thing about Naoko, aside from her great style? After she saw my Blackberry wallpaper, which is this:

She emailed me THIS:

SWEET! I love crazy cat photos like I love a mini horse! Thanks again, Naoko!

Pee EsS: Someone in Pakistan found FashionBinge by searching new and fresh fucking style." HA! Not sure if "fucking" was meant as a verb or an adjective modifying style, but either way, mission accomplished.
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