Friday, March 20, 2009

FashionBinge Partially Retracts Its Previous Position On FRINGE Due To These Minnetonka Boots

Maybe it's because I've started smoking crack regularly now or because I'm a flagrant hypocrite or both, but not only do I love these black suede fringed (FRINGED!) Minnetonka boots, but I'm WEARING THEM RIGHT NOW. And guess what? They're comfy, and they REWL.

($83, Minnetonka,
I saved 10% with coupon code "10GRECHEN," and I think because of where they come to on my leg -- just to the bottom of my calves -- they're super slimming with black skinny jeans. I know I've hated on fringe before, and um, I basically still stand by that -- especially brown fringe (shudder!), and any and all fringe jackets, I can pretty much patently, across the board say I reject. But these black fringe Minnetonka boots are the jumpoff. Act straight.
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