Friday, March 20, 2009

Vena Cava Siouxie Dress For The Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Win!

I was flipping through Anica Boutique's sale selection, marveling at how everything on sale fell under the category of either HORBSFEST (WHAT did these Mocium jeans do to deserve this???) or AWESOME SAUCE (Opening Ceremony silk bustier dress that's just $142), when I stumbled across this PORTRAIT OF PERFECTION:

($628, Vena Cava,
Size 6 only. Now don't get me wrong -- $628 doesn't seem like much of a sale to me. But I've been dropping that bridal acid that has my brain tripping balls into believing that like, $3,000 is a somewhat reasonable price to pay for ONE item that you will wear exactly ONCE. Evar. So, relatively speaking, $628 is a STEAL. Isn't that funny how that works? In REAL FUCKING LIFE I'd NEVER EVER spend $628 on one dress, but in bizarro bridalville, I'm like OOH NO PROB! SO THAT'S A VISA, AND THE FIRST FOUR NUMBERS ARE... MKAY GREAT!

Anyway, this silk dress is so sweet my teeth fucking hurt. It's got such a perfect 1950s feel (while the detailing's a little '70s), and the shoe options blow my mind and then come back for seconds. I love how clean and crisp it is and how it flatters any figure. It's also a perfect dress if you're doing a tiny, private ceremony at a court house or city hall or something. Or a small beach or lakefront wedding. No reason you shouldn't have a great dress too. And pay a lot for it too! :P

BTW, oh HAI! Same dress, size 4 and 6, $300 at Basic Boutique! Also, check -- they might have it.

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