Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bright Heels = HOT HOT HEAT!

A hearty shove of ye old proverbial revolving door that pushes forth ridiculously trendy heels, sandals, and slingbacks in bold, bright, brilliant candy colors!

(Apprx $65 USD, NewLook.co.uk)
Is it kinda wrong that I wish we had a New Look here? Or do we already have enough Charlotte Russes and Wet Seals?

($125, Topshop)
I know they've got a bit of a Harlequin vibe, but whatevs. You could sooo tone that down with some grey tights and a black minidress, you know?

(Apprx $82 USD, Dorothy Perkins)
Perfect height, and I love the naughty character shoe vibe.

($612, Lanvin, Brownsfashion.com)
Once again, I'm dying, I'm dead, a corpse is blogging about how STUNNING these cornflower blue Lanvin heels are.

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Bea said...

These are half off now...

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