Friday, June 05, 2009

My Summer Housecoat

My friend Holly used to live all summer in what she called her "housecoat" -- a cheap, comfy cotton dress. For me it's the kind of thing you throw on any and maybe all weekends. Today, I decided to hit Forever 21 to find mine. I wanted something perfect for a rock show at McCarren Pool (which I think are happening somewhere on the Williamsburg waterfront this year): the kind of thing you can wear sneakers with, you don't mind spilling beer on, and you don't really care if it's all pilled up at the end of the summer, although you kind of do, because goddamn, that's pretty much your favorite thing to wear at this point.

Anyway, I found two. One isn't pictured on the site, but is sort of a white with navy/purple tie-dye-ish action on the bottom half. For $11.50! The other is:

Heritage 1981 bold summer stripes sundress, $22.90.

Now all I need are the free summer rock shows to start happening. LET'S GO, PEOPLE!
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