Saturday, June 06, 2009

MORTS! Paris Hilton In Jenny Packham!

GAHHH! I EFFING KNEW IT! Paris Hilton DID WEAR a JENNY PACKHAM dress to the 2009 MTV Movie Awards! (I'm getting married in a Jenny Packham dress.) Which means I actually have something ELSE in common with Paris Hilton (besides the fact that we've BOTH slept with Joe Francis -- personal low point). Ugh. My suspicions were raised when I saw the pretty jeweled detailing, and while I love the peachy-pink color, I hate the tiered skirt -- too ice-skatery. But, for Paris Hilton, this really isn't bad. Anyway, BOO! PARIS! HOW COULD YOU? Jenny Packham's MINE MINE MINE! :<
PEE ESS! Amber was REPORTING FROM THE RED CARPET at the Movie Awards, ogling everyone's legs! Check out her high-lare recap at Beauty Blogging Junkie!
+ More Jenny Packham photos.
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