Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh Look! More Really Fugly Shoes That Look Like Paper Bags!

($69, Chinese Laundry,
These Chinese Laundry Sudoku "shoes"? "Sandals"? Shandals? Make my feet want to cry. Also, I really don't trust sites that end in .net. Was EVERY SINGLE combination of "shoes" and "something else" really and truly taken in the dot com domain? It reminds me of the "Clown Penis Dot Fart" SNL commercial. Which is a way better idea than these crappy shoes. WHY WOULD YOU WANT YOUR HEEL COMPLETELY OBSCURED BUT THE OTHER 3/4 OF YOUR FOOT FULLY EXPOSED? No.


Stephanie said...

Aw, I think they're adorable.

amy said...

Hilarious! These are bizarre and not so cute. I do agree.
Great blog, by the way.
Can't wait to read more.

Filipina Chick said...

um... one word.


miss meliss said...

hahah you're right on the dot with the shoes! They aren't even considered shoes!

Diana said...

these are gorgeous lol I love them and want them in black :D But your comments were funny.

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