Monday, September 28, 2009

Creepers' Revenge: See by Chloé's Studded Boots Creep Their Way Into My Heart

I know that in the past I've sternly admonished the resurrection of creepers, but these See By Chloe off-white studded boots have taken up residence in my heart and WILL NOT move out. Ugh. Thankfully their $495-pricetag precludes our long-term relationship.

($495, See By Chloe,

Didn't buy these, obvs, but I'd wear them in a HOT second.

Know what I did buy though, to ease my craving?
I got the white studded ones, for fear the black ones looked a little too pilgrimy, and because I have more black shoes and boots than even an unreasonable shoe-obsessed person should possess. Anyway, I was feelin on the Hendrix-y-ness of the off-white ones, and hence clicked "buy." This was my first purchase from, and I saved a fiver with promo code "Twitter5." Also, I was pleased to discover that the shipping is just $9.99, which isn't bad considering they ship from Hong Kong and guarantee a three-day ship. Noice! Some places down the street charge almost that and it takes like two weeks. WTF, right? Anyway, I'll report back!

1 comment:

Glamorous Newlywed said...

Cute! I applaud your choice of the white ones - totally agree with the possibly pilgrim-y-ness of the black pair :)

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