Friday, April 02, 2010

Clogs: Yay or Nay?

True story: The only pair of Dr. Scholl's "original wood exercise sandal" or whatever I owned lasted me approximately four hours. That's how long it took me to hobble to work, feverishly working my toe-grip muscles to unsuccessfully attempt to keep the damn things on my feet, look casual-cute at my desk for a few hours, and finally fall out of them on W. 53rd Street at lunch. Those things are the devil in shoe form. So unassuming-looking, and yet IMPOSSIBLE to walk in. For me, anyway. I'm guessing that wooden shoes + mules = no go, even several years later, but oh how I wish I could rock some of this spring's luxed-up clogs. Hippies never looked so good, people! Here are a few of my favorite clunkers:

Swedish Hasbeens are SO NOW (hardie har har)! Four-inch heels, people. This is the Braided Sky-High model in sweet pale pink, $242 with shipping from Sweden.

Swedish Hasbeens peep-toes, $219 with shipping. Love these!

The Jeffrey Campbell "Charli" clog, $126. This is a really luxe-looking clog. And yet it's five whole inches of heel, slightly mitigated by a one-inch platform. I can only imagine myself attempting to walk down to my work cafeteria, nevermind five blocks to the subway. Danger! Danger! It's stunning in black, and I love that you can move the strap to make it a slingback.

Funkis closed-toe clogs, $149. These are handmade in Sweden AND have staples holding them together, so you know they're authentic (right?).

No. 6 clog boots were all the rage this winter, at least here in New York. Their clogs are custom-made for you and come in a slew of colors and several styles. This is a T-strap for $230.

If I were to join the cult of clogs, I might just go for Maguba's DIY option: design it yourself! I just can't figure out what color combo I would get...purple and black? Purple and yellow? Black and yellow? So many options!

Maguba "Barcelona" clogs, $141.

If actual clogs are just too scary for you, there are a whole bunch of clog-inspired sandals out there. A few studs in the right spot, and bam! Hot semi-cloggy action.

Nine West "Eddisha" sandals, $79.

Miz Mooz "Hazel" sandals, $99.95.

And another: Kensie Girl "Taylor" sandals, $63.

Finally, these are on eBay and only applicable to size 7.5s, but, just, wow. Sigerson Morrison clogs, a Buy It Now steal at $105.99. Such a uniquely feminine (yet still cloggy) take on the style.

Happy stomping!


firefly said...

I love the second pair and the Nine West ones! Unfortunately, I can't walk in high shoes either.

Lila said...

As a kid I owned a pair of clogs that I loved. They were impossible to walk in and I came close to falling and skinning my knees on numerous occasions. I'll definitely pass on this trend!

. said...

say no to clogs!

Suyinsays said...

the black ones with the closed toe and the studs are pretty cool, but im not sure if im a total clog convert though? haha great post still

lots of love

kenyatta Manning Pictures said...

yes - you've pick some nice ones to display. if i were going to a party that lasted a few hours i'd wear a pair :-)

WendyB said...

Yay yay yay!

Gifts By Katherine said...

Nice selection, I have trouble walking in them too, giggle. Maybe the straps would help keep them on.

Ruth said...

love the Jeffrey Campbell pair...very like Chanel's though a good 600 cheaper! In England the attempts are nowhere near as good as these..Im going to have to get some sent over!

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