Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Faryl Robin Sample Sale: Resistance Is Futile

I tried not to go. I really did. I said to myself, "You don't need new shoes." But, truth is, I probably do! It's a new season (summer in NYC, apparently), and many of my old sandals have seen better days. And so: shoe sample sale! I got two uber-practical pairs of sandals which seem comfortable, have heels of moderate height and above-average cuteness, and rang up at $49 each. Why the hell not?

Faryl Robin "Dakota," $199 retail. This is going to be a staple of my wardrobe. Is it possible I don't have a pair of decent black wedges?? Well, I do now.

Faryl Robin "Elise," $199. The ones I got were uniformly taupe, although they did have this pair, with the peach and citron straps. I thought taupe would go with more stuff. Love that heel!

They also had most of the other spring styles available, most of them for $49 but a few for more. Lucky 7s can peruse the boot section as well. This is one instance in which being average pays off: The sale is ONLY for sizes 7, 8, and 9. It runs through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., at 200 Park Ave. South, Suite 1610. NEW YORK CITY BABY!


Tamron Lohan said...

OMG. you said New York City baby.

Taj said...

I wanna cry that i don't live in NY. Just this past week I've seen about 3 pairs of Farlyrobin sandals that I want.
At about 200 a pop that desire is pretty much not gonna happen.

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