Friday, June 11, 2010

Nobody Does A Bikini Better Than Mara Hoffman

($170, Mara Hoffman,
I need a bikini like I need... I don't know. A pair of pink Uggs or something. I will probably never see the water this summer, which I'll be spending under the fluorescent lights of my office. Just like I spent the past 10 summers! But if I were in the market for a bikini, nobody does it better than Mara Hoffman. Right, Carly Simon? Baby you're the best.


Kara Marie said...

i want everything on their website im obsessed!

[insert name here before it crawls away] said...

oh wow lovely, but for now i'll stick with my chocolate/blue bikini i bought in south of france :)

Sequins and Lace said...

Simply gorgeous!

I am one of your new followers, please check out my fashion blog!

Megs said...

oooh shopbop is such a awesome site!
and Mara is absolutely beautiful. =D
Great blog! really refreshing.

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