Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prada's Cavallino Bowler Is Doing Wild Things To My Head

I don't know who I think I am, but apparently I'm the kind of person who somehow, suddenly looks at Prada bags. Generally I write off Prada bags a.) because I can't afford them, DUHR, and b.) because I associate them with those terrible nylon black backpacks which are just the worst. But somehow I'm all into the idea of Prada's leopard-print Cavallino bowler.

($3,100, Prada, NeimanMarcus.com)
Great, right? Too bad I enjoy "eating," and "having an apartment" and "not being wildly in debt."

Anyway, my obnoxious Prada leopard-print bag fantasies inspired a major animal-print binge, which netted the following:
($585, Hammitt, Searlenyc.com)
Studs with animal print can be a leeeettle cowboy, but this bag by LA brand Hammitt still kinda works.

($745, Stella McCartney, Net-a-porter.com)
The elusive zebra-colored leopard print! Score!

($564, Opening Ceremony, Asos.com)
Opening Ceremony! Why are you so good to us? (And also, why are you so expensive?)

($158, Sam Edelman, Nordstrom)
Sam Edelman's Katrice wedge FTW! So '70s it's sick!

($80, Topshop)
I love an adventurous outfit, but have these leopard-print harem pants crossed the line from adventurous to crazy? Like Real Housewives table-flipping levels of nuts? Also, as much as I wanna make harem pants "work," I'm becoming increasingly convinced that they barely even look good on models whose body types are "pencil."

($36, Walmart)
Finally, this IS FashionBinge, where we do love a good deal, so far it be from me to leave you without something affordable. I mean, this Walmart leopard-print bag isn't the absolute worst. I'd carry it to the gym. Seriously, just tell people it's vintage deadstock, and they'll be all "ooh!"


RoryRock said...

First off, I'm now inspired to do my own animal print-binge, as if my entire blog isn't already one.

Second, you NEED that Prada bag simply for the fact that I CAN'T have it as much as I'd like to have it... because I'm a man. A man who has no problem admitting lusting after a leopard print Prada bag.

I say you deserve it. Sorry, Worz. Can't eat for a few weeks. Mommy's been working too hard.

Tamron Lohan said...

Worz, first of all DO NOT buy that bag. Unless it's for me. I say that because I bet you already have an animal-print bag.

Also, someday we'll make our own. But first, we gotta make some animal-print lampshades.

Nomadic D. said...

I'm sorry, I think those pants are terrifying! The Prada bag is gorgeous, but those pants? Run away!

D&D said...

get the harem pants. puhlease.

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