Monday, August 30, 2010

Ready? Aim? I'm About To Hit 'Buy' On This Olivia Harris Handbag

($545, Olivia Harris, Bergdorf Goodman)
I've long been on a quest for a real-deal, actual factual BIG-GIRL BAG. A nice carryall, preferably tall and dark, that will last. Forever. One that won't break down on me. One that can handle all of my needs. No more use 'em and lose 'em handbag relationships. This is the one serious handbag I will be COMMITTED to and stay with, day after day, season after season. An accessories marriage.

Like a total meet-cute, I was shopping at Bloomingdale's this weekend, and BAM! There she was, this beautiful beautiful Olivia Harris. Waiting for me. I got her number ($545 -- ugh). And tonight? I think I'm gonna stop thinking and start doing. I'm gonna put a ring on it.


Evon said...

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Christie said...

Love this bag - delish!!

Stephanie said...

a big solid leather bag--like one where you know it wa a deisel ass cow--lasts forevssssss... i have a cole haan with brass harness rings on it it weighs twenty pounds and might outlive me.

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