Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thief & Bandit Makes My Very Favorite T-Shirt

($40, Thief & Bandit, Etsy)

My little sister lives in Richmond, Virginia, and she has tons of friends who are making cool things that I always want to buy. Often I'm super lucky and she buys them for me! Such as my very favorite t-shirt made by her friend Amie Cunningham who created Thief & Bandit -- it's all handmade, and it's all fun, craftsy shirts with fun, tribal-inspired squiggles and designs, and fabric accessories in bright colors. JUST LOOK at that t-shirt and TELL me it doesn't remind you of all things Tom Tom Club!
($48, Thief & Bandit, Etsy)
I hope you like this fabric necklace, but I hope you don't like it as much as I do, because I really want it. So I can wear it with a white t and a blazer. Or maybe even a busy t-shirt, because busy is the new black.

Check out Thief & Bandit's site, their blog, and Thief & Bandit on Etsy and get to buying cute stuff!!


Megaan Austin said...

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Every Little Counts said...

ah, i've had my eye on this line for awhile now too. love them! busy is definitely the new black.

Megaan Austin said...


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Dark Blue Jeans said...

aww nice.
the design is very hermes :)

rocelyn said...

I love crafty and handmade products when it comes to fashion. You could really see how brings a new sense of fashion and versatility to the tradition

kassie said...

i LOVE that t-shirt... it's fantastic.

Rachel said...

I loooove that tshirt and fabric necklace! Fabric necklaces seem to me to be a classier way of doing the busy necklace in general

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