Monday, April 25, 2011

Lust List: Rachel Roy & Keds Hi-Tops, Tie-Dye For Non Hippies, And The Best Summer Bag EVAR!

Welcome to my weekly lust list -- my fantasy shopping list of things I'd happily purchase right this moment... if only you were paying.

($99, Rachel Roy)
It was love at first click for me and these Rachel Roy blue Adinah hi-tops, created with surfer Karina Petroni. Love the summery surf fabric and I love that they're slip-ons. Honestly, being vehemently anti flip-flops (they're terrible and cheap!!! Step your GAME up!), these are a perfect substitute. 

($264, Collina Strada, DearFieldbinder)
I mean... a better summer bag has never existed. Leather, canvas, a happy little shadowy tic print, and plenty of compartments.

($19.99, Calypso For Target)
I've said it before, I'll say it again, and I'll keep repeating it if need be. Tie-dye can be HORRIBLE. TERRIBLE. Any Jerry Garcia-leaning swirls-and-fractals tee makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a brooch, straight-up Oedipus style. The ONLY way to do tie-dye acceptably is ONE color with few circles or stripes. For example: the tie-dye tops from the Calypso for Target collection. I'm pretty stoked for a super easy orange tie-dye tee (I think they come in a bright pink too). The collection hits Target stores May 1.

($90, Alexis Bittar)
That little pop of fuchsia in there? That's love.

($70, Keds)
Keds is rolling out their "How Do You" road trip series, which pairs (har) a pair of urban-inspired, limited-edition Keds with a city and a charity. My favorites of the collection are the hi-top foldover Champion LA Keds. They're lightweight, and, once again, perfect for flip-flop skeevers like myself.


Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

LOVE those gray Keds! You buy for me!

Jenny said...

I too have been afflicted with a love for random Tie Dye items despite my intense hatred of all things hippie. I too agree that if done tastefully (God I never thought I'd use tasteful and tie dye in the same sentence) it can be quite cute! I think I dig the striped tie dye because it reminds me of some kind of animal print, and circle tie dye because it reminds me of spider webs. Anyway, thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.

Mo said...

Keds shoes... love them

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