Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Christina Hendricks Covers Lucky Magazine!

Christina Hendricks is on the cover of the July issue of Lucky Magazine (on stands July 5). Everyone wins! I'm not fully in L-O-V-E with the beige Donna Karan dress -- I would've loved to see her in green, but I guess it IS July, and green is SO fall/winter, and she does have gorgeous green accessories. 'Tevs though. What do I know?

Also, hopefully we can see this as a celebrate of a BEAUTIFUL woman and not just a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN WITH CURVES! Enough with the caveat. She's gorgeous. Period. Full stop. Deal with it.

If you needed two more reasons to love Christina Hendricks, here they are: Ebay and Etsy. She provided Lucky with her favorite Ebay and Etsy finds. I know!

And no, I'm not afraid to cop to being a total Christina Hendricks/ Joan Holloway Stan. I even dressed like Joan for a wedding. In the words of Fred Armisen as Joy Behar... "SO WHAT? WHO CARES?"
Credit: TV Guide


Unknown said...

agreed wth youu there...it's like the stylist tried too hard to avoid being cliché...but a green dress on a red-head is tried, tested & would have been beautiful!

the fit of the dress is amazing though, don't think that can be denied! =]

The portrait of her is also stunning, v. nicely done!


BootyBoot said...

argh, never put a pale dress on pale skin, it rarely works. Being a red head, I prefer emerald green, royal purple, or red. But no matter, Hendricks looks amazing anyway!

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Tamar said...

Flossy Fossy: YES. I was thinking purple. Oh wells.

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