Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Why Buy: J. Crew's PERFECT Surplus Khaki Pants

($74, J. Crew)
At long last! My search for the PERFECT summer khaki is OVAH. J. Crew's Surplus khaki pant has ended a heretofore fruitless quest for crisp, lightweight, half-fitted, half-slouchy khakis that look cute rolled up and CAN'T NOT go with pretty much all of my favorite basics like a denim jacket and a stripey top, a vintage band tee and moccasins, whatevz, it's a free country.

They come in Blanched Almond (beige) and Cool Slate (blue), but I got the Utility Green (olive).

THE FIT: I'm usually right in between a size 6 and an 8. I got an 8 because khakis look best on me when they've got a little slouch to them. Swag.

THE PRICE: They're $74, and they're the best $74 I've ever spent on khaki pants.

1 comment:

Life as Leah said...

I like these a lot! Not a terrible price for J.crew either. I would love to see you post an outfit in these!! Also, the specifics you added about the way they fit and how you chose a size were really helpful.

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